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Ryan Greene has a deep fascination with the natural world which serves as an endless source of inspiration for his work. He earned his BFA in Ceramics from the University of North Florida and is currently pursuing his MFA at Arizona State University. He values the ability clay has to communicate both fragility and strength simultaneously, for it demonstrates how strong, yet delicate, the environment is. His work consists of functional wares, sculptures, and sculptural wares-which challenge the concept of function. His work has been displayed at art markets and juried exhibitions nationally.

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Utilitarian pottery has a unique relationship with domestic life while sculptures incite a visceral response—urging one to question how the object is perceived. My current work is influenced by the evolution of society and our connection to nature. Clay is used to create functional wares which have served an important role in society for millennia, and well-crafted pottery elevates a mundane experience to something extraordinary. A key aspect of this elevation is a pot’s ability to perform its function well while simultaneously stimulating the user’s consciousness. Similarly, sculpture has developed from realistic depictions of the world into the free expression of one’s mind. I believe this progression of historical pottery and abstract art is important, for both have resulted in the connecting to other’s intellect. I challenge myself to make functional pots which perform well, but I am intrigued by sculptural forms which serve the specific function of holding—identical to a vessel. In addition to the ability to contain, these sculptures include functional components like lids and locking mechanisms. This is a play on the idea of objects, such as jars and bottles, becoming decorative objects when they were once strictly functional. Moreover, humans have transformed the functions of nature by synthesizing it and, therefore, making it something it is not. By sitting with and using these functional sculptures, the users are guided to contemplate our routines and how they have evolved.

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